1983 Suzuki GR650 Tempter


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This was my very first street motorcycle. I trade a Buick Regal for this bike and I think it was a decent trade. I also got $900 out of the deal, so that wasn't bad. This was back in 1990.

This bike was in very good shape when I got it. It handled the road fine, but it wasn't very fast. I tried to ride fast on this bike, but it simply didn't have what I was looking for. I did drive it around a lot though. At the time, I only had a motorcycle permit, so I stayed local. It wasn't until years later that I got my full license.

I eventually sold this motorcycle to my cousin, who rode it for some time. I broke a chain link one day and I didn't want to deal with fixing it. Since I wasn't in love with the bike, I just got rid of it. It's fun to think back on though.

And check this out. There's even a video of this motorcycle running on Youtube. Ahh, the memories.