2003 Yamaha Roadstar V16 for Sale by Newbie in Tyler TX



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Hey guys! New to this classified. Was looking for all the possible opportunities available to folks low on funds. I've got a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar I need to sell. Only 31,925 miles. Cobra Exhaust and K&N Air Filter kit. New Fuel cock and fuel filter. Have oil and oil filter to go. Did a once over (ok twice on the carb. forgot a jet), cleaned plugs and gapped, and is in great running order. Took for a spin to make sure. So anyway that's why i'm here. If you guys got any pointers on how to use this site, I'd be glad to hear. Thanks - John


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Hi John - Great looking bike. Good luck with the sale. I moved your post over to the "Cruisers" category because it'll be more visible there since you're looking to sell. Also, be sure to share this ad page on social media to get the word about your bike out even more. I'll share it on our Facebook page right now.

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