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FJR 1300
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2007 Yamaha FJR 1300A VIN JYARP15E37A001964


Very clean, sharp, dark cherry FJR.

Well maintained with lots of extras.... Striping, frame sliders, custom stainless steel oil filter guard, wired for additional rear lighting/topcase, front fender extender, wired for Battery Tender, Wynpro BigFoot kickstand foot expander.

Good rubber left on Shinko Raven tires. Comes with stock luggage cases.

58,120 miles on it. (Mainly long distance touring since Ive had it)

Maintenance highlights provided, service manual on CD disc included, receipts for accessories, brand new ignition switch recently installed with two brand new keys, misc. parts.

Roadfaxit available for review - clear report

Its beauty you could be riding!

Location: N.E. central Ohio

Youre welcome to call me with questions (Mark 330-377-4387)

or Cycle Seller Network for pricing, financing options, and more.

Stock I.D. # 182086 www.cyclesellernetwo rk.com


Or call me directly at 330-377-4387 Mark

2007 FJR 1300 VIN JYARP15E37A001964

Previous owner Mark Tillack 330-377-4387
Brinkhaven, OH who purchased bike from
Road, Track, and Trail(Racine, WI)
33,384 miles on it. It was a repo bike from
Washington state was what I was told.

Current mileage 58,120 ***Yamaha designed FJR to go 500k miles.

Tires: Shinko Raven *still good tread left

Front fender extension added

Custom stainless steel oil filter guard added

Silver metallic fairing stripe kit added

Wynpro Big Foot installed on end of kick stand. Check screws for tightness. Add threadlock if needed.

Rear brake bolt tore out threads. Had Mid-Ohio(Mt. Vernon) install an insert for new bolt. Torque to 19 ft. lbs.

At 46,785 had front fork seal leak. Drained and flushed fluid and replaced with Honda SS-8 10W oil.

New battery installed 9/14 - Batteries Plus Bulbs(Franklin, IN)

Honda bulb front headlight changed 34901-MC7-601AH.

Oil Semi-synthetic Yamalube 20W-50 Recommended change every 4,000 -5,000 miles.

April 2017 - ignition switch replaced with new.

May 2016- Did FJR blow job coolant flush(very thorough!) Prestone concentrate 5-yr.
Mileage 55,480

Aril 2016 - Air cleaner changed Hi Flo Filtro HFA 4912

April 2016 - Oil change 55,450 miles. Yamalube Semi-synthetic 20W-50 / Fram PH 7317 filter
Note: oil very clean in appearance at this change. Amount of oil with filter change: 4.23qt.

Spark plugs changed - miles 46,275 Note: High-miler friend with Gen1 FJR says 80k on spark plug changes.

New battery - 2018


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