2016 Indian Chief Vintage with Hannigan Heritage Sidecar


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Chief Vintage with Hannigan Heritage Sidecar
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This rare SIDECAR, is a piece of motor vehicle Jewelry - My custom, 2016 one-of-a kind, Indian Chief Vintage, with a Hannigan Heritage sidecar and every accessory imaginable is now for sale. I have $50k invested in this beautiful machine. It turns heads everywhere I take it.

PRICE: $25K. Non-negotiable. Cash only. Priced to move quickly.

You cannot buy this directly from Indian Motorcycles. They do not have a sidecar option. Despite a few copycats, everything I did required personal, hand customization, making it truly one of a kind.

Doesn't require a motorcycle license to drive.

It has just 4,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition. I'm including 2 helmets (one is a Sena w/bluetooth connectivity to mobile phone or GPS), and both a stuffed monkey and beagle to take along as a sidecar buddy in case you can't find anyone to ride with you. 😁 This should not be a problem, because everybody wants a ride, or to get their picture taken in, or on it. Great fun for grandkids, wife /girlfriend / boyfriend or your pooch.

Here is a link to the Indian Motorcycle factory where you can see the specifications and pricing for a new model. Keep in mind, this is without all the extra accessories I added after purchasing.


After I designed and built my Indian, others began to copy it. If you do an internet search for "2016 Indian Chief Vintage with sidecar," you will see several listings for something similar, but at a price of $29k to $32k.

The Hannigan Heritage Sidecar includes the following Options:

Disc Brake with Quick-Disconnect Hydraulics
ECC (electric camber control)
HD Wheel/Fender/Brake Upgrade (Matching OEM Front Wheel)
Seat Belt
Steering Damper Kit
Bumper Chrome (front)
Bumper Chrome (rear)
Hand Rail chrome
Steer-Lite (reduces steering control by 60%)
Sidecar Wheel/Fender to match OEM bike wheel
Custom OEM Paint - Two Tone
Drink Cup

You can check out
the specifications for the Hannigan Heritage sidecar on the following link:

I'm getting married, so it has to go.


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