Curt Trailer Hitch for Polaris Sportsman 850 ATV


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I previously started another thread where I discussed what size trailer hitch I would need for my 2018 Polaris Sportsman 850 and in that post, I promised that I would give an update with how my new Curt trailer hitch worked out after I received it. Well, the UPS man just dropped it off and after snapping a photo or two of the hitch in my hand, I slid it into the receiver on the quad. I'm happy to report that it fits perfectly. The Sportsman truly does have a 1 1/4" trailer hitch receiver installed on it.

Take a look at the Curt trailer hitch itself.





The hitch is pretty solid. The tube that slides in the receiver on the quad is hollow and the steel that you'd mount a ball to is solid. That is, if you did want to mount a ball to it. The trailer I have doesn't use a ball, so I won't be doing that for some time. I do like that solid part though. It's pretty heavy duty.

Take a look at the hitch in the Polaris receiver. I first had it installed without the pin.



The only thing that gives me pause is that the hitch only slides in the receiver about three inches because the holes that were drilled in the hitch itself are towards the end. The receiver can take a lot more hitch (slid in farther), but since those holes are so close to the end, that's currently not possible if the pin is installed. The only way to fix this is to drill additional holes in the hitch that are farther in. Perhaps I'll do that some day. When I have a drill press and some large bits. For now, this is fine.

Here are a few photos with the pin installed.




So yeah, I think I like this hitch. For the $13 and change, I don't think it's a bad deal. I think it'll work out perfectly for my uses. I'll start another thread when I take some pics of the trailer attached to the ATV. Until then...
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