Exploring the ATV Trails in Carrabassett Valley, Maine


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Okay, first off, we didn't go riding today. All my lady and I did was drive up to Carrabassett Valley, Maine from Farmington to check out the trail network in the area. In a few weeks, we'll be loading the ATV up in the back of my truck to take our first ride up behind the Bigelow Mountain Preserve. There are tons of trails and many miles on which to ride, so I think we'll enjoy ourselves. Here, take a look at the Carrabassett Valley ATV trail map.


I just picked this map up a few hours ago at Ayotte's Country Store in the valley for $1. That's not a bad price and I'm happy to help the cause. I'll likely join a few ATV clubs here in the area to help support trail maintenance and the like. Without support from the riders, these trails wouldn't be in existence, so this is important.

Parking to access the trail system is right north of the Sugarloaf Regional Airport, behind the SugarBowl Bowling Alley. It's a pretty decent sized parking lot and both hikers and ATV riders share it. It's a great place. Not many locations offer something like this.


From the parking lot, you can ride towards the river or you can ride straight south, cross Rt. 27, continue south and then access Carriage Road, which will bring you up and over the mountain, towards Flagstaff Lake.

The ATV trails are well maintained and are pretty smooth.



All the ATV trails are well maintained, as I already mentioned. There are plenty of high quality bridges that span the rivers and streams. This is the one closest to the airport and it's one of the best. It crosses the Carrabassett River.



After we checked out the trails and bridge a bit, we walked over to the bowling alley, where we saw that some riders had parked their ATVs. I guess they were inside eating lunch. Take a look at this. The best thing about Maine is that it's legal to ride your ATV on the roads in some towns. It's completely up to each individual town.





Like I said, we'll be heading up to ride in this area in a few weeks. I'm waiting for the weather to cool down a bit. I think we'll start off with the first trail that goes behind the Bigelow Preserve. There are supposed to be some nice views from that trails, so I'll be sure to take lots of photos to post here.

Have you ever ridden in this area? If so, please let me know and tell me what you ride and where you've gone. Thanks!
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