Installing a J.W. Speaker Adaptive LED Headlight on a 2014 Victory Cross Country


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My buddy Steve recently installed a brand spankin' new headlight on his 2014 Victory Cross Country motorcycle and I thought I'd bring some photos to you to browse through. I'll try to accurately describe each photo as best I can, but Steven may have to chime in down below to clarify. If you're interested in getting a J.W. Speaker adaptive LED headlight for your bike, take a look through these photos. The install only took about 30 minutes and as far as I know, all you need to do is remove the old light, swap the housing from one to the other and then install the new light. I'm also sure you already know all about these types of headlights. If you don't, you can check out this link.

Okay, let's get to some photos.

This first one is of the old light still installed on the bike.


The original headlight has been removed (right) and it's laying side-by-side with the J.W. Speaker adaptive headlight (left).


The above photo is the fronts of the lights and this next one is of the backs. J.W. Speaker is on the left and the original headlight is on the right. The old light is still attached to the headlight mount.


This next photo is of the mount switched over to the new headlight. I'm digging those heat sinks on the back of the LED bulb.


Next, the new headlight is installed on the motorcycle.


And let's turn that sucker on.


I do love that clean, bright light.

This photo is of the low beam, I'm assuming. Steve correct me here if I'm wrong.


And this is of the high beam.


And that's about it. Easy install and from what I hear, much better visibility at night, especially around corners.

Here's a video of the light in action. Pretty cool, right? Notice how the side LEDs light up as the bulb is turned?

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