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Sell your motorcycles and ATVs online fast, easy and free.

We don't do much around here, but what we do, we do it very well. In the most basic sense, we give advertisers a venue to post their motorcycle and ATV ads. We supply, maintain and promote this website and keep it clean and attractive. Folks who are looking to either buy a bike or sell a bike come to us to use what we've built. That's it. It's not a difficult concept.

Through the years, we've honed our process. We've learned what people need and what they don't. We allowed silly unused categories to fall by the wayside and we focused in on much more popular categories; an example would be streetbikes and crotch rockets. That's a big one, especially with the younger generations. For the slightly older folks, we offer cruising motorcycle, custom motorcycle and chopper motorcycle categories. Things like that. For the most mature of them all, we've got some interesting and fun filled touring and sport touring categories to browse and to advertise their rides in. Now, what I just listed isn't all we have. That was just a sampling. To see the entire selection of the major categories, please check out our homepage.

What's the best part about this website? Well, it's free, for one. I'd say that's pretty cool. Our business model allows you to stop by and list your motorcycle for sale at absolutely no cost to you. I do love telling people that. It puts just as much of a smile on my face as it does theirs.

Keep reading below to check out some of our website's perks.

Our Speed: We're not slouches around these parts. When you post an ad to advertise your bike, we're all over it. We'll see that it's waiting in our approval queue, review it for accuracy and legitimacy (to make sure it's not a scam or spam) and then approve it to display on the site in the category you chose. Or that we chose for you. It's that easy and in general, it takes fewer than 30 minutes from the moment you hit the Post Ad button to the time it's on the site. Sometimes that process takes just a few seconds and sometimes it takes more than a half hour. But I can tell you that we are working on this website round the clock. We rarely take breaks. So it's fast.

Our Safety: Some motorcycle and ATV classified websites are run by lazy people who don't really care about security and safety. That's not us. We're not lazy and we're freaks around security. We try our best to keep this site clean from ads that are posted by nefarious people. The internet is full of junk today and we keep a tight ship. We don't allow junk here and the software we run has the tools to keep this place spotless. After all the years of being in this business, we know exactly what we're doing.

As an example of our diligent personalities, I'll tell you that we employ encryption on this website. That keeps data from falling into the wrong hands. If a bad ad does happen to slip by our approval process, there's a reporting mechanism that's built into the software that lets members tell us about it. We get bad ads out immediately. Also, with us working as much as we do and for the hours we do, you can count on the fact that things happen fast and professionally around here.

Our Freedom: As I said above, you don't have to pay to advertise here. You can post to your heart's content and never take your wallet out of your pocket. Now, that's not to say that we don't offer an upgraded account for a small fee to open up additional options, but as far as selling your bike goes, it isn't required that you spend a cent. It's free.

Would you like to read about some of our features? Sure you would. Here's a small sample of them.

Upgrade to "Pro" - Because I just bragged about how free we are, I feel slightly silly about telling you of our upgraded membership option. I guess I don't feel too bad because this option can be wildly helpful to some of you. Basically, by upgrading your traditional free membership to a "Pro" membership, you unlock additional features, such as those that give you the ability to add a "Featured" sticker to your ad title, those that let you begin conversations with other members and those that allow you to add links to your account signature. This isn't all there is though. To review the current list of all the additional features we offer for this account, please browse our Upgrade page.

There's No Limit - Yes, you read correctly. We don't limit the number of ads you can post here. If you've got a warehouse full of antique motorcycles from the 1950s that you'd like to sell, there's nothing more we would love than to host those advertisements for you. If you're a dealer and you have a huge inventory, start selling because we're not about to stop you. Just be sure your ads are of high quality. Again, we like to keep this place clean, so if we do detect an issue, we'll let you know about it so we can work together to fix it.

There's No Duration - Don't you just hate it when you spend tons of time writing up the perfect ad and then it expires a week or two after you post it? We do, so we decided to take away all duration limits for postings on this site. Your ad stays live until your bike sells. When it does, you can come back here and remove your listing or just as easily mark it as sold and leave it up. The option of not limiting the time for which ads are posted is especially helpful for dealers who have "models" they're selling and for those who own unique motorcycles and ATVs that may take longer to sell than the more traditional rice rocket or whatever people call them these days.

Free Photos & Videos - We also allow you to post free photos and videos on this site. Currently, the videos are able to be embedded from Youtube and the photos are uploaded to our servers. Just to let you know, ads with photos and videos totally help sell stuff better than those without these things, so get snapping and take those pics and vids. To learn how to embed videos as well as perform other functions, please see our Help page.

Make the Ads Stand Out - As I mentioned, when you upgrade your account, you can add a "Featured" label that sits right next to your ad title. This label is red and it really stands out. It's an eye-catcher and it's hard to miss, so if you'd like to bring lots of attention to your listing, you surely want to take advantage of this upgrade.

Okay, I just picked those five things out of a hat. There are many more so please feel free to browse through our site to check out our offerings. To learn more, please browse through the different sections and register for an account today!

In the meantime, take a look at what past and current member have said about our service. Remember, we've been around since 2004, so a lot of people have told us a lot of very nice things.

I had to get rid of my Harley because of an injury I sustained to my back last year. I looked around for a site to sell my bike on and I found CycleClassifieds.US. It looked reasonable and within a week, my beloved Harley Davidson was in the garage of a new owner. I can't thank you enough for letting me advertise here.
Jim from outside Nashville, Tennessee

It only took me about 48 hours to sell my bike using CycleClassifieds.US. I made my listing, described what I owned and it was gone. Just like that.
Aaron from Fort Worth, Texas

I own a dealership in Missouri and I've been advertising motorcycles for the better part of 20 years on quite a few different venues. I can tell you with confidence that CycleClassifieds.US is the venue that has provided me with the most leads. Hands down. This is, by far, the most satisfying cycle classifieds platform for motorcycle sales I've ever done business with.
Gary from Columbia, Missouri
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