What Do You Do When Your ATV Breaks Down Far Away?


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Apr 12, 2019
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As I wrote in my last post, I'm considering purchasing either a used or new ATV within the next few months. I'd like to go brand new from the dealer, but I'll see how that works out. Come August, I'll have to see how much money I have. Anyway, after thinking of all this ATV stuff, I've come up with a question to pose. What do you do if your ATV breaks down while you're in the middle of nowhere? I live in western Maine and nowhere can potentially be "nowhere." I mean, really far out there. I'm somewhat concerned about the prospect of something like this occurring.

I've been riding my entire young adult life. I've owned multiple motocross bikes and quads. The thing is, out of all the miles I've ridden in the trails, I don't think I've ever gone out alone. So, if one of us broke down, there would be others to help out. Some would have tools and there would always be a tow rope floating around between one of us. If we couldn't get one of our bikes started again, we'd simply tow that bike back to the truck.

Today, I don't have anyone to ride with. It will either be just me or my lady and me. She'll be on the back and the last thing I want is to be at some mountain top or far out there in the woods and have the ATV not start or experience some other random failure. So my question is, for all you experienced riders out there, what's your plan when something like this happens? We have virtually no cell phone reception up here, so I'm wondering if there's some master idea that everyone follows when this type of thing happens.

Do you bring a cable lock with you to lock up the ATV if you have to walk the distance?
Can you lock up the ATV without a cable?
Do you carry tools in a trunk or something?
What's the most common mechanical issue with these ATVs?
Do you leave someone behind to stay with the ATV while you walk?
What Do You Do When Your ATV Breaks Down Far Away? was posted on 06-03-2019 by JGaulard in the Discussion forum.

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