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Apr 12, 2019
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Let's pretend for a moment that you are a master writer. You absolutely love to write and you're good at what you do. You express yourself clearly and effectively and you just can't seem to pry yourself away from your keyboard. You're looking for opportunities to contribute to top-notch publications online and you just happen to be into motorcycles, ATVs and powersports in general. What are the chances that you'd experience such an alignment of the stars? Well, if what I just wrote isn't make-believe, you have just landed on the right page. On your lucky day.

That's right, we're looking for fantastic writers who can make every page they contribute to pop out and become as sought after as can be. We're looking for writers who can marry the finer aspects of riding a motorcycle with writing and can convey their experiences doing so on the internet for others to enjoy. We would love to find enthusiasts who are excited about reviewing ATV parts and accessories. People who test out quads and street bikes and who come back inside after a long day to describe what they've experienced. Basically, we want you to be immersed in this way of life so much that it's just bursting from the seams. I know. These people are one in a million.

What's our goal? Well, as you may already know, we operate a motorcycle classifieds website here. That's great, but since we adore the powersports scene so much, we'd like to branch out into other things as well. We're planning a big push into cycle news and updates as well as commentary on everything street and dirt. We need to start somewhere though and with running our network of classifieds websites, we're kind of short on time. Or people. Actually, we're short on time and people. This is where you come in. If you're a college student who is looking to build your resume, come write for us. If you're a beginner or someone who is self taught, send us an email. This is an entry level opportunity. We would love to help you as much as have you help us. All we ask is that you know what you're talking about and that you effectively communicate with your potential readers.

What do you get out of it? A portfolio. You get a collection of targeted articles that you've written for an established online publication that's been in existence since 2004. You've been screened and tested and you can rest assured that our standards are high. When you share that you've written a number of articles for us with someone, you'll be proud of what you've just said.

If you'd like to be considered as an author for CycleClassifieds.US, you should have experience and an affinity for motorcycles and/or ATVs. After all, enthusiasts of those two things are our target audience. You should also have a strong background in writing. Do you own a motorcycle? An ATV? How long have you been riding? Is there a specific area of interest you have? Would you consider yourself a decent mechanic? Is there a topic or a range of topics that you'd like to discuss? Something you need to get off your chest? These are things we'd like to know about you when we consider you as an author for our site.

Beyond what I've just described, you should have an innate ability to effectively share your personal viewpoint with others. I don't want to say that you should be able to persuade your readers, because ultimately, you'll just be informing them, but you should be persuasive in your writing. You should be able to articulate your point of view and leave your reader to consider what you've stated. You should also have the ability to communicate with beginners and advanced cycle enthusiasts alike. When writing for us, your goal should be for your readers to share your articles, bookmark them for later use and to walk away feeling good about having read them.

So, how does this sound to you? Does it sound good? Do you think you're up to the task? If so, please send us an email that includes the following information:

- Send us over a few different sources of what you've already written online. You can include the URLs to those pages and we'll have a look at them. You may also copy/paste your article in the message you send to us if it hasn't been published online. We basically want to see your skill set, structure, writing style and what you're capable of.

- Let us know what kinds of ideas you have. Have you already thought of something? Is there an outstanding article floating around in your mind as you read this? Let us know what types of interests you have and let us know your forte.

- Have you already written something that's motorcycle related that you think we'd enjoy reading? Is it ready to be published on our site? If so, send it over as soon as you can.


Let's move onto some specifics. From what you've just read above, I hope you have gotten the impression that we're very selective when it comes to who we're about to let publish a motorcycle or ATV related article on our website. If you'd like to be considered for something like this, please be aware that your articles should be at least 3000 words. We're looking for you to dig deep into a subject and to explore it thoroughly. We're not looking for transient topics that merely scratch the surface of things. We want the article you prepare to be the authority. Expert knowledge, if you will.

Your writing should be at least of the 8th grade level and no higher then the 11th grade level. We think this is the sweet spot for our readers. While we recognize that we may be nitpicking here, our requirements virtually guarantee that we won't be inundated by writing from the thousands of SEO professionals out there looking to submit flimsy posts (with their links in them) for display on our website. We're looking for real content here that we'd be proud to have our audience enjoy.

Please let us know if you'd be interested in contributing a guest post to CycleClassifieds.US. We'd love to hear from you!
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