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What is a dirt bike motorcycle? Basically, dirt bikes are any type of motorcycle you ride in the dirt or off road. Whether it be a track where motocross bikes usually race or on the trail where enduro motorcycles spend most of their time, it really makes no difference. As long as you're off the road, you can consider yourself riding an off-road motorcycle. It's important to note that there are a few exceptions to the previous description. Pit bikes are extremely popular to buzz around a track on as are mini bikes and trail bikes. Lots of people ride those types around their neighborhoods just for fun.

What are some of the differences between dirt bike motorcycles and regular street bikes? There are tons of differences between these two types of motorcycles. Off-road bikes offer much higher long-travel suspension to absorb jump landings and the overall seat position is way up there as well. Knobby tires are a must if you want to ride in soft terrain, such as sand or mud. Weight is a huge factor as well. Weighing in at only a few hundred pounds, many of these bikes are able to handle the toughest terrain in the trails, deserts or mountains.

Dirtbike and off-road motorcycles are perfect beginner bikes due to their light weight, relatively low price and agile functioning, but it's important to remember that these types of motorcycle are meant to be ridden off road only. They aren't street legal and you need to stick with riding on private property or property where you've got permission to ride. If you are interested in riding both in the dirt and on the road, you might want to check out our dual sport and enduro motorcycles for sale category.

Before purchasing any type of off road motorcycle, you'll need to take a hard look at what type of riding you'd like to engage in. If you want a serious rush, go with a 2-stroke engine. This type of engine creates a powerband that can pull you right off the back of the seat (on the right bike). It can also lift the front wheel off the ground as you're shifting through the gears. For a smoother, yet just as powerful ride, you may want to buy a bike with a 4-stroke engine. These don't give that whiplash effect, but can accelerate just as fast these days. Just remember, 2-stroke engines need a lot of maintenance (pistons, rings, etc), so if you're not handy with the tools, you'll be spending lots of money at the dealer.

What are the most popular dirt bike, motocross and off-road motorcycle manufacturers today? That would be Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

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