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Apr 11, 2019
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Ready to feature your ads and upgrade? Click here today!

Here's the fast list of what you get when you upgrade your account with us:

- Pro Member Account Badge to show that you are a trusted member of this website.

- Red Featured Graphic on your ads so they really stand out from the rest.

- Highlighted Ad Box on the category pages so people can't miss your ads no matter what they do.

- Better Placement so your ad is stuck to the top of the list. This feature alone is worth the price.

- Enhanced Conversations for full featured conversations and communication with buyers.

- Enhanced Signatures for formatting and links in your post signatures.

- Profile Posts so you can add listings to your very own profile.

To learn more, please continue on reading below or just click here to upgrade now!


We've just introduced a new feature here at our classifieds and I think you're going to like it. It's called a "Pro Membership" account and it's going to get better and better as time goes on. We've been in the online classifieds and forum business since 2004 and if there's one thing we've learned, it's that people who make posts want those posts to be seen. Plain and simple. If they didn't, they wouldn't bother making them.

The Pro Membership account is an evolving creature. To start off with, we're adding a few straightforward tools and features to it, but at time goes on, we'll get much more nuanced and we'll add many more valuable amenities. Let's just say, for one low price per month, year, or once forever, you'll be getting quite a bit.

NEW: We've now got three great plans; Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime!

Okay, so what does going "Pro" mean to you? Well, here's what you get as of today.

Pro Member Badge: Every Pro Membership comes with a Pro Member badge that's extra visible in red. This badge is seen when someone clicks on one of your posts. It's located under your username. As an additional perk, we're allowing all badges to be stacked on this website, so when you meet a milestone with the duration of membership or the number of posts you make, the more traditional badge that we assign you will be stacked on top of this new one. The more badges, the better. It shows "street cred." They let people know you can be trusted and how cool you are.

What does this mean to you? It basically shows people that you paid money for an upgraded membership and it displays a level of trust. If they feel that they can trust you, they're much more likely to contact you regarding what you may have posted.

Featured Graphics: These are wicked nice and one of the best reasons to upgrade. To coincide with this new Pro account, we've created what are called thread prefixes for some forums. Currently, they're applied to the classifieds sections, but we'll surely add them to other parts of the website as well in the future. When making a post in an appropriate forum, you'll be presented with a drop-down box up in the title section. In this box will be a few options to choose from. Right now, we offer "Featured "and "Sold," but as I said, that list is bound to grow with more options that we feel make sense.

Prefixes are visible on the homepage (if your post is the most recent one made), on the forum pages themselves, on the post page and on the tag pages. Oh yeah, they're also visible in the site search results. And the best part is that these things are extremely visible. The Featured prefix is in red and the Sold prefix is in yellow.

You may be asking why you would want to add a prefix to your thread. Well, that's easy. Everyone is going to see it because it's hard to miss. The featured one says that the post is special and the sold one is perfect for those who make a lot of posts over time. To leave a post live on this website after something has been sold and to mark it sold shows that you're in this for the long haul. You've done business before and you've made a sale. You really should show that off and let people know. Again, it show longevity and it builds trust. I think we can all agree that trust is an important factor when it comes to the internet.

One more thing; these prefixes are clickable. When someone clicks the small colorful icon, all results are filtered so only threads with those specific prefixes for the forum they're in are displayed. So if someone wants to see only the threads with the Sold prefix applied to them, all they'll need to do is click that button. That's helpful too. This one feature alone is worth the money to upgrade. This is huge. Can you imagine how many more clicks you'd get if you had a graphic like this attached to your post?

Highlighted Ad Box: You've seen them on this site. I'm sure you have. These are the ad boxes that are highlighted to stand out in the categories. While all the other ads are listed in the more traditional way, these are colored so buyers simply can't miss them. They're clicked a heck of a lot more than those that aren't highlighted, so this is a very worthy feature to have.

Better Placement: Have you ever wondered what happens to your ad once you place it on a classifieds site like this? Well, sure, it gets posted and then it sits there in the category in which it's posted to. That's great, but once someone new posts an ad to the same category, your ad sinks a spot. And then it sinks again when someone new posts another ad. And this trend continues until you're ad is sitting on page 22, never to be seen again. We're now offering a better placement feature that will stick your ad to the top of the list. So no matter how many people post regular non-upgraded ads, your listing will remain nice and high and visible. This is a HUGE reason to upgrade. Please note that if upgraded, your ad will sit in the mix at the top of the list with all of the other ads that have been upgraded as well.

Here's an example of the trusted Pro Member badge inside of the thread.


And here's an example of the Featured Graphic, the Highlighted Ad Box and Better Placement on one of the category pages.


Pretty cool, right?

Enhanced Conversations: When someone wants to contact you through our website, they can begin what's called a conversation. These conversations are basically emails that get sent back and forth between two members. Basic conversations don't allow for image uploads, but with the Pro Membership, they do.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you're going back and forth with someone who is interested in what you're selling or discussing on the forum, you can upload a photograph or additional photographs that will assist with explaining what the two of you are discussing. It's just an added advantage that everyone with basic memberships doesn't have.

NOTE: We have recently decided to limit the initiation of conversations to only Pro members, so this makes the Pro membership even more valuable. Of course, if someone receives a message from someone else, they'll be able to reply and engage in that conversation, but only Pro members will be able to start those conversations. We think this will keep our website safer and will deter bad actors from sending random messages to large numbers of folks who have posted ads on our website.

Enhanced Signatures: Every account holder can add a signature that's displayed at the bottom of every post they make. This is standard and it's one of our favorite features. While every member can add a signature though, not every member can add images and links to that signature. Only Pro Members can. While signatures are one of the best features we offer, signatures with images and links are even better. Think about that for a moment - displaying a signature with all your information in it and that includes a small image (perhaps a logo) and a link to your website or social media page. That's huge!

Profile Posts: Did you know that you can share messages right in your very own profile? That's right. You can! Upgrading unlocks this capability so you can keep a running stream of updates for others to follow. These are messages that will show only under your profile, so they're separate from the rest of the website.

This is what we have to offer so far. Trust me, there's more to come, so hold onto your hats.

Ready to upgrade? Click here today!
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