1985 Honda TG50 Gyro S 50cc 3 Wheel Scooter For Sale in Illinois


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Honda introduced the Gyro in Japan in 1982. In Japan the Gyro name refers to Hondas family of seven tilting three wheeled scooters, some of which are still on sale. All of these scooters used a linkage to allow the main part of the scooter to lean while the engine and dual rear wheels remain planted on the road. The Gyro was sold in America from 1984 - 1986. Over these three years Honda sold two different members of the Gyro family to Americans. The 1984 Gyro was named simply that while the second Gyro which was sold from 85-86 was badged the Gyro S. Mechanically both Gyros are very similar but the styling is quite different. Both models use Hondas 2-stroke 50cc engine which provides good torque and is capable of 35mph. The Gyro features a one touch parking lock mechanism to lock the scooter while parked which not only locks the tilting mechanism but locks rear wheels as well eliminating the need for a kick stand. This particular example has just 1,165 original miles and is in well above average condition. It was just serviced at which time the battery was replaced and the carb was rebuilt so she runs like a top. Everything works properly so the only thing she needs is a new home!