How to Change the Oil in a Polaris Sportsman 850


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Apr 12, 2019
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I changed the oil in my 2018 Polaris Sportsman 850 this afternoon and thought I'd share the process with you. I've got the steps necessary, along with tool sizes as well as part numbers. I've got it all.

Before beginning this effort, I had to purchase a few things. The first thing I had to buy was some copper washers for the drain plug. With each oil change, it's necessary to change this washer. Because I'll be doing this in the future, I bought five washers.

5812232 WASHER-19X12X1.3-COPPER (10) (Polaris)

I bough these from Partzilla and I paid $1.51 each, for a total of $15.92 with tax and shipping. Just so you know, this is a huge ripoff for some dinky washers. I probably could have bought some from the hardware store if I had known the exact size.

Next, I needed to buy an oil filter wrench. I ordered one from Amazon for $8.99 with free shipping because I have Prime. This is the exact part:

EWK 3/8 inch 64mm 65mm 14 Flute Oil Filter Wrench for Toyota Scion Honda Lexus

I can confirm that this filter wrench fits the Polaris oil filters.

Next, I bought some motor oil from Amazon as well. I paid $20.98 for a gallon. This is the title of my purchase:

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

The quad/ATV takes two quarts of oil for each change, so I should be able to use this gallon for two changes.

Finally, I bought an oil filter from Amazon too. Here's what I got:

Hiflofiltro HF199 Premium Oil Filter

This is a knockoff Polaris filter that fits these ATVs. It replaces the Polaris part numbers 2520799 and 3089996. I can confirm that this filter does indeed fit as well.

The only tools necessary to do the oil change for this Polaris Sportsman 850 are the oil filter wrench I described above and a Torx T40 wrench. If you're going to buy the same replacement oil filter as I did, you'll need a long 17mm socket or a short one with a socket extension.

Here's how I changed the oil.

1. First, I used the Torx wrench to remove the bottom plate on the quad.

2. Then, I used the same Torx wrench to remove the oil drain plug. Before removing the plug, I place an oil catch under the drain bolt to catch the oil.

3. As the oil was draining, I switched the oil copper washer with a new one.

4. Once the oil was finished draining, I replaced the oil drain plug and tightened the bolt to 12 foot pounds.

5. Next, I used the oil filter wrench and a 3/8 inch socket wrench to loosen and remove the oil filter.

6. I dropped the filter in the same oil catch so the oil would drain from it.

7. I used the 17mm socket wrench to replace the filter with the Hiflofiltro HF199 and tightened that snug. Before I did so, I spread some oil on the rubber gasket to make tightening the filter down a bit easier.

8. Once that was completed, I replaced the bottom shield with the three Torx bolts.

9. I then filled the ATV with two quarts (pretty much exactly) of new motor oil. I ran the engine for a few minutes and then checked the oil and it was to the proper position on the fill line of the dipstick.

I read that it's fine to run this Rotella oil in these ATVs and it's a heck of a lot cheaper to buy this oil than the Polaris oil. I found the best price for this oil on Amazon, with Tractor Supply and Walmart being a few dollars more expensive.

That's pretty much all that's necessary to change the oil in these quads. It's a simply operation. I didn't need to jack the quad up at all either. I just lied on my back on my garage floor.

I took some pictures of the process. I'll attach them below. Feel free to click on them for a larger view.


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