My Grease Gun Won't Let Go!


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Apr 27, 2019
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What the heck is going on? I've greased tons of pieces of machinery in my life and I've yet to encounter something as annoying at greasing my quad. I just got back inside and looked this issue up and find that many others out there are facing it as well. Basically, I can attach the end of my grease hose to the fitting (zerk - didn't know they were called this) without issue. With a bit of pressure, it pops right on. I go ahead and pump some grease through the fitting, which isn't any trouble at all, and then go to pull the hose off. That's where I run into this mess. I have yet to pull the grease gun hose from the fitting without the assistance of a huge screwdriver. I am forced to pry the end of the hose from the zerk until it comes off. This can't be normal. I've never faced something like this before.

Apparently, lots of other people have run into the same problem. Check out these posts:

The consensus is that the residual pressure inside of the hose is causing the connection to tighten. One person claims that the end of the hose needs to be loosened from the hose itself to release that pressure and the hose will release from the fitting. That's a real pain, as I'm sure you can imagine. Someone else said that you have to pull the hose off on a angle. That doesn't work. I just tried it. The only thing that's been working for me is using the screwdriver.

My questions are: are these weird fittings? Do I need a better grease gun hose tip? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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My Grease Gun Won't Let Go! was posted on 07-11-2020 by LukeLewis in the Discussion forum.

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