What's the Best Way to Secure ATV to Trailer From Theft?


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I park my ATV inside my enclosed trailer all the time. The trailer is in my driveway and I rarely use it for anything other than a shed. I have all my tools in their too and I'm concerned that someone is going to break into it and not only steal my tools, but steal my quad as well. I have a padlock on the rear door of the trailer, but those are cut easily. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for locking up my ATV inside the trailer. That's right - locking it up inside the trailer. I was thinking of drilling a hole in the floor and bolting down an eye bolt. But that can be unscrewed from underneath the trailer. Then, I was thinking about drilling two holes through the plywood floor and dropping a heavy chain through the hole, looping it around the frame of the trailer and then back up through the other hole. Then, I could lock the chain around the ATV somehow. I think this is the most secure way. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any advice for how to lock this thing up. No gun suggestions and no audible alarm suggestions necessary. Already thought of them and am not interested. Thanks!

PS - I guess this security method would be good for motorcycles and anything else that's stored inside an enclosed trailer as well.


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Okay, I answered my own question. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I needed to lock the ATV to the frame of the trailer. No i-bolt screwed into the floor would make me happy. So all I did was drill two 1 1/4 inch holes in the floor of the trailer; one on each side of the steel frame cross member that runs underneath the plywood floor. Then, I used some 3/8 inch, 6,600 pound transport chain that I bought from Tractor Supply for a bit over $5 per foot to go down through one of the holes and under and around the frame and back up through the other hole. Then, I used my very heavy duty Schlage padlock that I just bought to lock that loop of chain together. After that, I ran the chain to the rear of the ATV and wrapped it around the rear axle and the a-arm. I locked that up with another padlock. By keeping the chain in a single run and using two padlocks, I was able to keep the chain longer and easier to work with. I've included some photos of my little operation below. Let me know what you think.


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you may use the lock and also a lock-in tires of the trailer, its better option.


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you may use the lock and also a lock-in tires of the trailer, its better option.

Thanks Allen. I actually have the trailer locked to a 450 pound block of cement, so that would be pretty tough to tow away. I'm using a huge Kryptonite high security chain along with an ABUS high security lock, so I feel pretty good about the trailer itself. I'm just trying to make things as difficult as possible for anyone who might think about doing something I wouldn't want them to do. Thank you for your recommendation.
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